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Mandy & Jace | An Iowa Engagement & High School Sweethearts

Let's go to the beginning. Jace and Mandy met their freshman year of high school after a religious education class. Jace was definitely memorable for Mandy as he showed up to the first class wearing his mom's jeans, complete with bedazzled pockets! They started dating that following summer before their sophomore year of high school and have been inseparable since.

Mandy and Jace exude warmth and you feel at home with them within seconds! They have such an ease around each other that is beautiful to watch and photograph. I was really touched at how much they asked about me and how my life has been. I should say that I have actually known Mandy for years (and have seen Jace a lot)! We went to the same high school: we wore our poms uniforms with pink bows, our FFA blue corduroy jackets, and our burgundy choir robes together.

Brewer joined Jace and Mandy for the session and he was such a good boy! This little fam is just too cute to handle!

Jace proposed to Mandy on Leap Day. He was still able to surprise Mandy even though they know each other so well! Then after he proposed, they were able to celebrate with their friends and family.

Mandy shared this advice for other engaged couples to help remember special moments like the proposal:

 "If you haven’t yet, write down how you got engaged with all of the details you can remember. This was one tip I was told shortly after getting engaged and I am so glad I did it. Whenever I re-read about the day all the feelings come flooding back!"

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